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Our income from our software is entirely based on our users tapping our ads, and installing the advertised software.

Please help support Ladimaco by installing the advertised games, etc... It costs you nothing, but helps us immensely.

Android software is the newest venture for Ladimaco!!!

Ladimaco now creates Android Software

Another recent addition to the Android line of software


Tap the buttons as they fall down the screen.

Be careful not to tap the wrong ones.

We are in need of people with artistic abilities that are willing to help with some of our games.

At this point, the games are being developed more for the enjoyment of making, and playing them. They are not making us any money, so we are currently looking only for volunteers that are willing to help for that same enjoyment.

This is your chance to see your name in the credits.

If you are interested in volunteering some time and artistic abilities, please contact us at


Another recent addition to the Android line of software

It’s a Bird... It’s a ...

Your engine is failing, but if you keep tapping, you keep flying.

Avoid the obstacles and collect the stars for bonus points.

Newest Android Game

Can you keep flying?

Keep your plane aloft, while collecting stars, and avoiding other planes